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Paper installation – 2014 Design week Budapest


We and Karcsi Papírboltja deigned a ten meters high paper installation for Design week Budapest 2014. 
Using only one box of paper and human power we could transfigure a vast space, suggesting that the design is a part of our everyday life or at least we could make it easily being a part of it. The paper’s function as a material has a special, changing rule in our digital world so it is a very good medium to prove it. We tried to show another, less known face of this material. The Inbox installation represents our digital era, in which the paper, as a natural material and the handwriting became a creative tool, its original information transmitter function almost disappeared.
(Please note: in Hungarian language “levél” is a double meaning word, also signify leaf and letter)

Photo: Design week Budapest official, Zsófi Szigeti , Tibor Polinszky, Réka Kövesdi
Graphic design: Dóra Kövesdi
Video: Bálint Bocz
Sponsord by Europapier Budapest and Light Positive Kft
Special thanks to Roland Perényi and Zsófi Sziray (Kiscelli Museum Budapest) and the people who helped us: Bianca Bálint, ÁgnesBartosek, Ivett Gaál-Bata, Zsófia Geiger, Dezső Kiss, Lili Labus, Laura Lukász, Kriszti Nádasi, Anna Sabransky, Niki Szabó, Anna Tóth, Zsófia Vajda
Teaser video here short film of the installing is on this link

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