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Claudia Liptai & Ádám Pataki – Édes Kettes

Pastry Book with stories

The authors are Claudia Liptai, famous Hungarian actress and her partner Ádám Pataki, confectioner. The visual concept and the styling of the book follows the strange conception of the content. In the first part of the book the reader find interviews with the couple’s friends (lot of them are Hungarian celebrities) in which they mention their favorite pastries and deserts from their childhood. While these sweets are well known, classic Hungarian recipes, we did not create traditional food photos (seen million times before about these deserts), but we get inspired by the conversations and composed still lifes with the pastries and props which reflect to the personality of the interviewee. This chapter’s pictures was completed with some party photos about the fellowship as they taste the couple’s creations.
Second chapter of the volume is based on a game – found out by the authors – called “What would you be, if you were a desert?”. The couple created new desserts, inspired by the personalities of their friends and the interviews with them. Pictures of this part are classic food photos, focused on the pastries.
Publisher: Libri Kiadó 2016
Photo: Doron Ritter
Art direction and styling by Cup Of Charm
Head of Production Krisztina Kende-Hofherr (TMC)
Text: György Vig

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