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They are both interior stylists and floral designers. Eszter started out as a floral designer and later got involved in spaces, Zsófi on the other hand worked on interiors at first and learned to arrange flowers at a later stage. Eszter has worked on several films, advertisements, magazine jobs, and she also operated her own flower shop. After living in Munich for a few years, she now lives and works in Hungary again. For years after completing her studies at the university (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design), Zsófi worked as a stylist for magazines and advertisements, and later she became an editor working for interior design magazines. After returning to being a free-lancer, and she got involved in the styling of cook books, various events and private homes. She currently lives in Lausanne and Budapest. Since 2012 Eszter and Zsófi have worked on more and more assignments together, which they found increasingly enjoyable and productive. Thus the decision to start a business together came as a natural development. They complement, help and inspire each other.
Their partnership has been named Cup of Charm.

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Cup of Charm