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Our Clients Said

“We would have never thought that organizing a wedding was such an enormous task, and through your work we could see that while paying attention to the smallest details requires time and energy, it is definitely necessary for everything to fit seamlessly on the big day. You really “brought the big picture alive” by keeping close tabs on the organization and recommending great professionals for us; the entire evening became a great unified experience where every detail complemented each other. It was simply perfect.”

Kata Rácz – Bride


“Working on this book has become a love project for me. I loved to solve the seemingly unsolvable issues which regularly surfaced. Above all, it surprised me with a great gift. I got to know two wonderful women, who are symbols of perfectionism, dedication and professionalism in their area. They are the owners of CUP OF CHARM, Eszter Lukász and Zsófi Szigeti. The latter is also the art director of the book. I cannot understand why I did not know them before, since there is so much tied to their name.”

Krisztina Kende-Hofherr (TMC Group) – the producer of the cake cookbook titled “Édes Kettes” (Sweet Twosome)


“I would like to thank you for the incredible professionalism, love, patience and dedication that you have shown while working on our wedding. Every small detail was just like us, and there wasn’t any detail which we would have done differently. Special thanks for the peonies which were blooming against all expectations in September and that you created the most beautiful bridal bouquet in the world for a “bridal bouquet freak”. Also, I would like to thank Dori for the prints, the seating arrangement and the Julia Child quotation; we’ll have it framed and it will be feature in our little home in London.”

Lelle Peterson – Bride


“It was a great honor for me to work with such sophisticated, yet pragmatic and solution-oriented ladies. The end result speaks for itself; in my opinion my boutique became the most beautiful one in The Ritz-Carlton Budapest. I am very grateful for the creative work invested in it by Cup Of Charm!”

Zsolt Zólyomi – Perfumeur, Owner of Le Parfum


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